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The Unconsciousness

Thoughts Of An Unsolved Mistery

Shift Minor
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/A Perfect Circle..
/The Bled..
/As I Lay Dying..
/Every Time I Die..
/Norma Jean..
/A Dozen Furies..
/The Kinison..
/It Dies Today..
/This Day Forward..
/The Mars Volta..
/Tori Amos..
/Sneaker Pimps..
/Monster Magnet..
/A Clockwork Orange..
/Donnie Darco..
/Requim For A Dream..
/Cube Trilogy..
/Fight Club..
/American Beauty..
/American History X
/Session 9..
/Wrong Turn..
/La Haine..
/Lola Rentt..
/Mothman Prophecies..
/Pulp Fiction..
/Romper Stomper..
/Boondock Saints..
/Ken Park..
/Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas..
/Reservoir Dogs..
/True Romance..
/Natural Born Killers..
/My Little Eye..
/28 Days Later..
/Ichi The Killer..
/Battle Royal..
/The Grudge..
/The Ring..
/Baise Moi..